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We are recognized, PCA qualified and certified, industry specialists in the identification, treatment and remediation of Japanese Knotweed infestations. We operate throughout Wales with local branches and officers in Cardiff, Wrexham, Anglesey, Bala, Ceredigion, Dolgellau, Powys, Bangor and Brynsiencyn.

As members of the PCA, we have demonstrated that we have met the industry qualification requirements and that we are committed to keeping technically abreast of industry developments.

The remediation, removal and disposal of knotweed is traditionally expensive but we operate at a highly competitive rate and as the presence of Knotweed can impede the sale of your property and also affect it's value, the wise approach is to to have our competent team of licensed contractors survey the scale of your problem and put in place effective management and control measures.

Why Choose us? We have a wealth of experience gained from years of helping home owners tackle Japanese Knotweed on their property. As well as offering practical advice and professional treatment, we can also offer an insurance backed guarantee which is usually required by most lenders in order to purchase properties affected by Japanese Knotweed.

Japanese Knotweed - The Facts

Japanese Knotweed is a tenacious plant species that grows vigorously at a rate of up to a metre a month. It's roots, or rhizomes, can spread up to 7 metres horizontally, even through tarmac and concrete, causing damage to foundations and buildings and it is estimated to cost the British economy £166 million annually.

"...indisputably the UK's most aggressive, destructive and invasive plant."

The Environment Agency

Landowners in the UK are under a statutory duty to be proactive in the control and remediation of Japanese Knotweed. However tempting it may be to tackle this problem yourself, due to the ease by which Japanese Knotweed can spread when handled improperly all parts of the plant and any soil contaminated with it are classified as controlled waste and must be removed and disposed of by a licensed waste control operator.

While it is not an offence for Japanese knotweed to be present on your land allowing it to encroach onto neighbours property could constitute a private nuisance under common law. A neighbour affected by knotweed growth from your property may be able to apply to court for an injunction requiring you to take action to abate the nuisance. Such a claim could include a sum of money in damages to reflect the cost of any physical damage to the property and/or the diminution in value of the landowner's property as a result of the nuisance.

Our Services

We provide both public and commercial services and work closely with mortgage advisers to provide assessments and surveys on property suspected of, or having a history of, Knotweed infestation. We have surveyors across Wales who can arrange a survey to assess the scale and severity of the infestation and provide you with a competitively priced quotation for anything from a glyphosphate spot-spray visit up to our comprehensive management plan that comes with the added assurance of our 10 year guarantee as standard. All our work adheres to the standards described by the Environment Agency Code of Practice and the Pesticides Safety Directorate.

Our prices start from as little as £150 but you will require a survey to assess the scale and severity of your infestation to receive an accurate quotation. Below is a list of our core services.

Site Surveys
Spot Spray Visits
Five Year Management Plans
Stem Injection
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Arranging a booking with Japanese Knotweed Removal Wales is easy, simply just give us a call during our office hours, which are between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Saturday or send us an email anytime you like.

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